Recruitment policy

Standard Recruitment Norms

Prospective candidate do be aware for following general norms to be practiced:

  1. Candidate is fully willing to undergo the recruitment process and join the employer over the stipulated time

  2. In the event of withdrawing from the process either post visa issuance or pre visa issuance or inability to join employer within stipulated time frame, candidate would bear the cost incurred till date which is related to process which may include but not limited to screening, profiling, interview prep, interview booking & arrangements, offer management, post offer procedures, relocation activities etc, and remit to the primary stakeholder, i.e, Rajab Manpower Consultants

  3. Candidate is fully aware that all the documents, certificates supplied in respect to this process is genuine and the event of any adverse finding over the credibility of document, he/she shall be the sole responsibility for same

  4. Candidate shall undertake to disclose all major information to Rajab Manpower, which may have direct or indirect implication on the recruitment process, deployment process or working in the proposed country

  5. Candidate shall undertake to follow safe migration practice

  6. Upon visa issuance, prior deployment - following action to be completed : as mentioned on the emailer aimed at candidates on this link: Read here - Emailer;