Direct hire opportunities

Pleasant greetings ! We also bring out opportunity for professionals across the globe to secure an employment opportunity under the direct hire payroll with World's largest Oil and Gas Company in KSA (confidential employer); and also with Saudi's top chemical manufacturing company (confidential employer) which is majorly owned by largest oil and gas company in KSA.

These positions are niche in nature, looking at seasoned professionals with extensive experience, commendable track record, with in depth knowledge and expertise in the domain being considered.  Generally 15 yrs experience is accepted unless stated otherwise.

Also to be noted, these roles have "nationality" preference as well and hence we are only entertaining applicants with matching nationality criteria listed in the job.

***employer names withheld on account of privacy policy, DND clause

How to apply for direct hire role of these employers ?

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To look for jobs (direct hire) with largest oil and gas company, search following in search bar: IKOAR_DH 

To look for jobs with top chemical manufacturing company, search following in search bar: IKOSAB_DH

Do ensure you meets the nationality criteria (listed in accordance with the job title) while applying for above direct hire roles

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