SMP Jobs with largest Oil & Gas Co

We are pleased to announce on our active engagement in connecting the professionals to secure an employment opportunity with [confidential employer - largest oil and gas co in the world] under the SMP contract. As a recruitment expert, we are working close to hire professionals from Eastern, Western regions such as India, Philippine, South Africa, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia, UK, US and Saudi nationals. Frequent hiring events are being occurred, keep following our LinkedIn page to stay alert on news on same.

***Clarification on SMP Contract : It is Supplementary Manpower service contract job in which prospective applicants are interviewed and salary determined by [confidential employer - largest oil and gas co in the world] interview panel; and being employed under the payroll of SMP Contract (SMP Vendor). Successfully mobilized candidates would be under the visa sponsorship of SMP Vendor Company/Contract.

Various SMP dept are being frequently hiring throughout the year from above mentioned regions. Dept and job role info is published in our applicant portal ( Path to our applicant portal > our website > job search page > visit applicant portal > search for job "489" or search for keyword "SMP" or look the job listed as "SMP job with largest Oil & Gas Company". You can apply online or you can apply through email

While emailing your application do ensure:

Considering nationalities and email application info:

Generally accepted criteria

Saudi citizens (experienced): 3 yrs after graduation in applying role, GPA 3.5/5 or 2.5/4

Saudi citizens (fresh): below 3 yrs experienced, fresh graduate, GPA 4/5 or 3/4, and being passed out from specific institutions (shall be published at time of job posting)

Non Saudi / Expat applicants: Experience of 8+ yrs (for review) in oil and gas, petrochemical, refinery industry. Bachelor degree holders.

Most preferred, application method:(for our ease of processing and data accuracy)

Due to huge number of applications on mail, and online, we expect our candidates to make it in the most appropriate and easy to process manner

Further updates are being regularly posted in our Linkedin page, keep checking